Engineering at Hexcal is all about sovling power ignores and pushing the limits of current power boundaries. We are developing our own design methodology Reasoning Design Engineering(RDE) over five years, and capable to turn any ground zero concepts to the technology coupled real-world product.


Coorporating with world’s most advanced manufacturing line. All of elctronics are customised and garenteed with top quality. Coorporating with the world’s best manufacturing line is HEXCAL choice. HEXCAL concsisted Golden-Model quality principle in every corner of any products. So that, all elctronics are customised and garenteed by top quality only.


HEXCAL uses most proper packaging progress. Your Monolith will travel from the manufactury to your hand by airplane. Hexcal would choose the fastest and safest way to delivery your packages.

Open Box

Box open is the most exciting part to every customers. Every customers would received ordering Monolith safely within a little secret gift as the first members of HEXCAL. Welcome to HEXCAL family. In the box, there will be a triangle card. Following the steps on the card, downloading HEXCAL app and winning the first class membership which owns lifetime 10% off at online HEXCAL store.


User-centred design is important. Our goal is to create “companion” like product for you. Every single luminant, or physical feedback is designed to fit your best expectation of the product. Every Monolith we produced was completely same as the Golden-model. HEXCAL always pursues the best products which one can serving all kinds customers. Monolith would replaced all your accessories by one stop to charging almost all your electronics.


HEXCAL welcome any kinds of feedback no matter from our website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Your voice would always be first command. HEXCAL would award the most valuable feedbacks every month at the last day of month. In addition, every members would receive our new activity invitation by email and winning the reward.

Improvement Plan

Representing the incoming future product is the key of Hexcal innovations. Ever Hexcal product are iterated hundred times based on the newest technology allowance and continues user feedbacks. Materials are carefully selected. All active parts, supportive structures and electronics are tested under extreme conditions. In next generation Hexcal product, we want carefully listenning your ideas and delivering the best outcome.